RMIT Welcome Day: Students embrace art event


Artist Joel Gailer and assistant watch as students test out his skateboard with specially carved wheels – all part of Welcome Day fun at RMIT.

Take one skateboarding artist, two metres of primed canvas, an ample amount of printmaking ink (deep black) and mid-winter, sunny, clear blue skies at the RMIT Welcome Day for mid-year intake students and what do you have? A community art event!

The City Welcome Day is a campus-wide celebration for all students at the RMIT City Campus, where the campus comes alive for a day of fun and frivolity. RMIT Gallery’s marquee was well attended, with students eager to put their name down to volunteer at the gallery and gain valuable experience in working in the art industry.

Artist Joel Gailer thrilled skateboarders and audiences at his Performprint event during the recent RMIT Gallery exhibition Out of the Matrix, (watch the exhibition video here) so we thought we’d invite him back to show new students the sort of exhibitions and public programs RMIT Gallery puts on.

After Joel completed his half hour skateboarding-printmaking performance, someone tapped him on the shoulder and asked the question; “can I have a go?”

And so, Welcome Day became, briefly, RMIT Art Event – with students testing out their prowess on the skateboard, and risking inky feet as they tried to make their mark on the canvas.


Some students had never been on a skateboard before, and yet were intrigued by Joel’s performance and bravely attempted to at least stand on the board – and some went further, actually having a spin.

While  RMIT has a large number of academic, creative, sports, spiritual, political and special interest clubs, new students also discovered that the cultural activities RMIT Gallery provides are also part of an enriching university experience.


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