Quiddity & Light moves opens at RMIT Gallery

foyer vjp-93
Quiddity opening night RMIT Gallery 2016, photo by Vicki Jones Photography

Winter exhibition openings in Melbourne attract a dedicated crowd not afraid to brave the cold, wet weather.

We were charmed by the colorful coats and cheerful smiles worn by our enthusiastic audience who turned out on Thursday evening, 30 June to celebrate the opening of Light moves: Contemporary Australian Video Art and Quiddity.

Dr Gerard Vaughan AM, Director, National Gallery of Australia, flew down from Canberra to launch the travelling NGA exhibition Light moves, which includes a stunning work by RMIT alumni Christian Thompson.

Christian Thompson opening nighbt vjp-214
HEAT 2010, by Christian Thompson, Three channel digital video, sound, duration 5 minutes 52 seconds, collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Opening night image, Light moves at RMIT Gallery 2016. Photo by Vicki Jones Photography.

Light moves demonstrates NGA’s commitment both to celebrating the work of contemporary Australian artists and also to creating audiences for their work in Australia,” Dr Vaughan said.

“Visitors will be mesmerised by the exhibition’s images of bodies moving through space and also by the diversity of work by Australian artists of the highest calibre.”

RMIT Gallery Director Suzanne Davies said the exhibition was a wonderful opportunity for students in particular to explore a diversity of screen-based work and see how artists use the medium to create poetic works that speak to their own personal interests and histories, as well as tell great stories.

Dr Nicole Tse, from The Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, The University of Melbourne, launched Quiddity, an exhibition she said was close to her heart, displaying as it did “the secret life of collections.”

Quiddity shows how collections come to life in a museum context as seen through the eyes of Arts Management students,” Dr Tse said.

“If we look closely at these works, they can tell us stories about how they have been stored and cared for, and their journey before they even came into a museum. Cracks in the canvas can reveal a history of a work being rolled up under someone’s bed, for instance.

“These secret lives are fascinating and are revealed in Quiddity.”


What: Quiddity and Light moves: Contemporary Australian Video Art

When: 1 July – 20 August 2016

Where: RMIT Gallery, 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Quiddity public programs:

Quiddity: Wednesday Lunchtime Guided Tours

In Conversation: Curators + Conservators

Quiddity Reading Group

Quiddity: Curator floor talk

Wrapping it Up – Quiddity Panel Discussion




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