Artist Julio Falagán’s donations help RMIT students

money handover falagan art copy centre
(left to right) Kim Baldwin ‎Assistant Director, Advancement Operations, RMIT and Claudia Llanza, Cultural Department, Consulate General of Spain in Melbourne, with money donated during the Power to the People! exhibition.

Crowdfunding, philanthropic support, corporate partnerships – usually it’s artists seeking funding for their work from audiences. But visiting Spanish artist Julio Falagán left a big legacy at RMIT after his September 2015 exhibition Power to the People! at RMIT Gallery.

In a grand gesture, the artist – from one of Europe’s cash-trapped countries – turned the tables and donated money from his exhibition to disadvantaged students.

Falagán’s work questions power and the established status quo through humour and irony. During his exhibition Power to the People!  late in 2015, he invited audiences to take his work off RMIT Gallery’s walls and – for a coin donation – photocopy prints for their own art collections.

Donations for artwork: (far left) artist Julio Falagán asked audiences to donate a gold coin in return for copies of his artwork at his 2015 RMIT Gallery exhibition. And people power responded with generous donations. Photo: Vicki Jones Photography.

“The total amount raised through this exhibition was $693.70, a fantastic outcome! ” said Kim Baldwin, Assistant Director, Advancement Operations, RMIT.

“Thank you again, to Julio Falagán, the Consulate General of Spain in Melbourne and  RMIT Gallery for organising this and matching donations.

“The Scholarship Philanthropy Fund through RMIT Gallery’s Power to the People exhibition will make an incredible difference to RMIT students. It’s a great show of support for our students!”


Every year, RMIT’s Scholarship team receives around 5,000 eligible applications for scholarships, but only 1,500 receive funding. By donating to the Scholarship Philanthropy Fund audiences at the Power to the People exhibition helped create more scholarships for students. Now that’s Power to the People, by the people!

bucket of money
Generosity – money donated to the RMIT Scholarship Fund during the Power to the People! exhibition in 2015.

“Scholarships are great enablers of talent. They give bright students access to the life-changing experience of tertiary education and all the life-long advantages that flow from that experience,” Ms Baldwin said.

“Scholarships also empower students and show them that the University believes in their potential. This is an incredible motivator for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have family support or financial backing.”

For more information on giving to RMIT, please visit 

As part of the Power to the People! exhibition, a public forum and drinks were held on Thursday 24 September, with the topic ‘Questioning Power: The media and popular culture’, being considered by artist Julio Falagán, journalist and academic Dr Antonio Castillo and artist and architect Ciro Márquez.


Power to the People! An audience crowds in to listen to Julio Falagan, Antonio Castillo and Ciro Márquez discuss themes and ideas arising from the exhibition at RMIT Gallery.


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