Happy International Women’s Day

Elizabeth Gower’s exhibition at RMIT Gallery ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ (11 March – 23 April)

Happy International Women’s Day 2016! With the #IWD 2016 campaign theme #PledgeForParity calling for ways to collectively help women achieve advancement and leadership, please join us at two new exhibitions that open this week at RMIT Gallery – exploring how women are culturally conditioned to seek approval.

On Thursday 10 March 6-8 pm, Elizabeth Gower’s ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ will be opened by ethicist and author Dr Leslie Cannold, and Mithu Sen + Pushpa Rawta’s Quiet Voices will also be launched by journalist and author Sushi Das.

In the handwritten phrase he loves me, he loves me not Elizabeth Gower poses the question 21,319 times symbolically representing a lifetime of re-evaluation and wavering, resilience and resolve.
In Quiet Voices,internationally acclaimed artist Mithu Sen and emerging film maker Pushpa Rawat poetically address issues women face with obligation, patriarchy and the inter-generational dynamic.

All welcome – please join us in celebration of hearing women’s voices.

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