Geniale Dilletanten is now closed at RMIT Gallery


IMG_1788The Geniale Dilletanten exhibition has now ended at RMIT Gallery. The exhibition closed on 25 February.

The wallpaper that atmospherically covered the walls of RMIT Gallery during the exhibition is coming down to reveal white walls. The Goethe-Institut crates are being loaded as the exhibition will soon open in Sydney at AMBUSH Gallery in Chippendale from 10 March to 13 April.

Farewell 1980s German subculture. We had a great time – and so did you.

IMG_1795We say goodbye as well to the popular Einsturzende Neubatuen Klangbewegung Maschine. Enthusiastic fans likened a ride on the ‘Klang’ to being in a mosh pit (without the smell!). We may never look at old Audi passenger seats the same way again…..


Thank you for visiting and sharing the subculture magic with us. You now know that old CRT TVs never really die, they may just live on in art installations…





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