Last day! Geniale Dilletanten exhibition ends 7 pm tonight


The Geniale Dilletanten exhibition at RMIT Gallery incorporates a rich array of video and photographic material, audio samples, magazines, posters and other artefacts. Image: Exhibition opening, RMIT Gallery, 2015, Vicki Jones Photography

RMIT Gallery’s popular summer exhibition Geniale Dilletanten [Brilliant Dilletantes] Subculture in Germany in the 1980s + Australian Ingenious Amateurs must close at 7pm on Thursday 25 February.

This closing date is two days earlier than advertised, and necessary due to the exhibition’s Sydney opening in early March. So don’t miss out – come in during the day or after work on Thursday (we are open to 7pm) and immerse yourself in the radical movement and alternative artistic scene that exploded from Germany in the 1980s.

The exhibition Geniale Dilletanten (Brilliant Dilletantes) presents the most comprehensive survey of 1980s German subculture to date. Image – White Night Melbourne opening, 2016, by RMIT Gallery.

RMIT Gallery also presents a flavour of what was happening locally from 1979 – 1989 through an exploration of Australian subculture.

Audiences step back in time with an exploration of Australian subculture including the Little Band scene, the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, and a group of young people who were part of the friendship circle of photographer Peter Milne. Image – White Night Melbourne opening, 2016, by RMIT Gallery.

And don’t forget to have one last ride on the Einstürzende Neubauten Klangbewegung Maschine by (((20Hz))) to really feel like you are in a 1980s Berlin club.

The audiokinetic jukebox was produced by Darrin Verhagen, RMIT researcher and senior lecturer in sound design and multisensory experience.

Using a six degrees of freedom motion simulator (and a reclaimed Audi passenger seat), the RMIT-based (((20Hz))) team provide an entertaining experience that takes audiences into the heart of German subculture music of the 1980s.

Be transported – into your senses. Despite utilising a reclaimed Audi car seat, the The Klangbewegung Maschine only takes you into a visceral experience of the music of Einsturzende Naubatuen. Image White Night Melbourne opening, 2016, by RMIT Gallery

The ‘Klang Maschine’ has been likened to being in a mosh pit (without the smell!). It’s the perfect homage to the brief, bright reign of the Brilliant Amateur.

Exhibition must end 7pm on Thursday 25 February.

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