Strike a pose at RMIT Gallery at White Night Melbourne

RMIT Gallery volunteer and RMIT Master of Arts (Art Management) student Angela Hernandez strikes a pose at the 80s dress-up booth.

The countdown is on – only days to go! RMIT Gallery will be the university focus for White Night Melbourne on Saturday February 20 with the Goethe-Institut subculture music exhibition Geniale Dilletanten open from 7 pm to 7 am.

Come and ride The Klangbewegung Maschine by (((20Hz))), stand in Swanston Street and watch ‘Architectonics’ a granular synthesis projection on Storey Hall (RMIT Gallery’s home) dazzling the entire night.

There will be a 1980s print photo booth and dress ups. Strike a pose and get out your smart phone and share the #urbansub moment with your friends on social media – and then take away a Tag Snaps print to keep. How very analogue!

Chill out at the subculture German music film festival at Kaleide Theatre next door presented by RMIT Gallery and the Goethe-Institut Australien. Relive the days of a divided Berlin with films such  including Flüstern und Schreien: ein Rock Report (Whisper & Shout – the East German Rock revolution, Berlin Super 80 (1978-1984),and B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin (Unclassified Strictly 18+). All films are in German with English subtitles. (Some nudity and adult themes. No disabled access to Kaleide Theatre).

Remember – it’s all free! We hope to see you there.

Ann-Catrin Dornauer, an intern with the Goethe-Institut, tests out the Geniale Dilletanten print booth. You just need a smart phone and some attitude!

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