New date for Klangbewegung Maschine talk

klang maschine 10 Nov
Darrin Verhagen, creator of the Einsturzende Neubauten’s Klangbewegung Maschine by (((20Hz)).

Attention – new date: Tuesday 8 December 1-2 pm. The Klangbewegung Maschine: Darrin Verhagen in conversation with Ash Wednesday at RMIT Gallery.

Due to illness, Darrin Verhagen is unable to participate in the scheduled Thursday 26 December 5.30-6.30 pm talk with Ash Wednesday. The new date  is now Tuesday 8 December 1-2 pm at RMIT Gallery. We apologise for any inconvenience.

In this floor talk  sound artist and RMIT senior lecturer Darrin Verhagen and sound designer and musician Ash Wednesday will discuss the legacy of 1980s subculture on their music and research.

Darrin is the concept designer of the Einsturzende Neubauten’s Klangbewegung Maschine by (((20Hz))), an installation featuring in RMIT Gallery’s + Australian Ingenious Amateurs exhibition that is showing as part of the current Goethe Institut’s international touring exhibition Geniale Dilletanten: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s.


Einsturzende Neubauten’s Klangbewegung Maschine by (((20Hz))), Geniale Dilletanten opening night on November 12 at RMIT Gallery. Image: Vicki Jones Photography, 2015.

The ‘Klang Maschine’ is a single participant installation for sound, movement, vibration and light that invites participants to experience a viscerally embodied, multisensory internalization of three classic Einsturzende Neubauten tracks.



Darrin is a senior lecturer RMIT in sound and electronic music – currently doing his PhD on the ‘brutality of noise’.  He was the founder and curator of Dorobo records, which showcased Australian sound art for 15 years. Darrin is also a  freelance music writer for Dance, Theatre and Computer Games, and  has released a variety of albums under his own name, as well as a range of pseudonyms. Darrin has performed his more minimal, experimental soundworks at festivals around the globe, and more recently has started performing his dark orchestral material as shinjuku thief in concert.


ash01 (photo Daniela Ceglie)
Ash Wednesday, with Einsturzende Neubauten, 2004. Photo by Daniela Ceglie.

Ash Wednesday is an innovative Australian synth pioneer and a member of self-styled groups, JAB (1976 – 1979) and MODELS (1979 – 1980), where he combined analog synthesizer and experimental tape textures with punk/rock rhythms. He continued working with electronics throughout the 80’s with numerous and diverse, but relatively low profile projects – most notably, perhaps, being ‘Modern Jazz’, an ingenious, impromptu assemblage of electro-based, musicians/non musicians, performing live on stage to a randomly programmed drum machine/sequencer beat.

Ash says of the 1980s “in Melbourne where I was aware of the concept of the ‘Ingenious Amateur’ as it existed at that time, to the point of implementation into my own work, as well as instigating the idea to others.”

He later gravitated to Berlin in 1992 where he was to acclimatise to the results of such a state of mind and method as it existed then. He was later to become a live performance member of Einstuerzende Neubauten – working with the group consistently between ‘1997 – 2010’.

What: The Klangbewegung Maschine – legacy of 1980s subculture. Discussion.

Who: Darrin Verhagen and Ash Wednesday

When: Tuesday 8 December 1-2 pm (NOTE  – new time and date)

Where: RMIT Gallery, 344 Swanston Street Melbourne.

Bookings: Free. (03) 9925 1717


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