RMIT Gallery temporary closure for building maintenance

RMIT-AUG-2011_LowResRMIT Gallery will be temporarily closed for essential building maintenance, including restoration of air conditioning, from the period of 1 June – 17 September 2015.

During this time staff will be available to assist with research and media queries regarding exhibitions and the RMIT Art Collection.

Next exhibitions

Power to the People!  18 September – 10 October:

Spanish artist Julio Falagán’s work questions power and the established status quo through humour and irony, inviting audiences to become art collectors by taking home posters of the five original works made through the manipulation of popular prints bought in flea markets.

Performing Mobilities: 18 September – 24 October

Mobile performances depart from and return to RMIT Gallery, where traces of creative journeys form expositions that explore and reimagine movement, place and event with local relevance and global resonance.

gallery door

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