Summer at RMIT Gallery


Svenja Kratz,The Contamination of Alice: Instance #8  2014, plaster, glass, steel, MDF, diffused LED lighting, Raspberry Pi micro computer, Agar-agar, nutrients, Saos-2 cells DNA, perspex, sand, mini projector, video
Photography: Mark Ashkanasy, Courtesy RMIT Gallery


RMIT Gallery hopes you all had a relaxing Christmas and summer break. Mid January is traditionally a time workers head back to the office and carers look around for city based activities to entertain the children.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit our summer exhibition Experimenta Recharge over the Christmas and New Year period, now is the perfect time to do so.

Bring the family in for some school holiday fun and remember, when the days are hot, the air conditioned comfort of the gallery is the perfect place to have some time  out – and time to play with the media art works.

As well as our regular opening hours, RMIT Gallery is open to 7 pm every Wednesday night during the exhibition, and from 12 noon to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Our new Experimenta Recharge  video has just been launched – watch it here:


Arts critic praises RMIT Gallery performance in 2014

Installation view, Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo at RMIT Gallery. Photo Mark Ashkanasy, 2014. (extreme far right) A group of men, names and associations not given  Assembly banner 1981  Paint on calico 400.0 x 89.0 cm St Theresa Church, Balgo Collection  and (far right) Balgo men, names and associations not given  Assembly banner 1981  Paint on calico 197.0 x 71.0 cm St Theresa Church, Balgo Collection

Installation view, Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo at RMIT Gallery. 
(far right) Assembly banner, 1981. Paint on calico, 400.0 x 89.0 cm, St Theresa Church, Balgo, Collection and (far right), Assembly banner, 1981, Paint on calico, 197.0 x 71.0 cm, St Theresa Church, Balgo Collection. Photo credit Mark Ashkanasy, 2014.

With the new year comes reflection on performance in 2014 – and we are pleased to announce that RMIT Gallery gets a big tick from arts reviewer Robert Nelson (The Age, SMH) for two of its outstanding exhibitions in 2014. He writes in his yearly round up (Dec 31, 2014) that “The universities performed imaginatively, especially…RMIT with Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo and Experimenta Recharge: the 6th International Biennial of Media Art…”

In his review (23/11/2014), Robert Nelson writes “A beautiful exhibition at RMIT Gallery tells the story of a famous art centre in Western Australia:  Warlayirti: the art of Balgo.  Curated by Jacqueline Healy, the show hangs together with marvellous aesthetic unity.  Suites of majestic works bask in their colour and energy, scaffolded by an underlying history.”

After its successful run at RMIT Gallery from 15 September to 8 November 2014, Warlayirti: the art of Balgo opened to great acclaim at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs on Friday 28 November, where it will run until 15 February 2015.

Robert Nelson also lavished praise on the poetic qualities of RMIT Gallery’s current exhibition Experimenta Recharge, which asks whether contemporary technologies can transform our view and understanding of the world.

The esteemed arts critic singled out works in the exhibition by Japanese artist Ei Wada, Korinsky (Abel, Carlo and Max) from Germany, the group La Société Anonyme from Paris and Dubai, Brazilian artist Anaisa Franco and indigenous artist Raymond Zada , as having “a poetic relationship with symbols which is often missing in interactive works.”

You can view Experimenta Recharge until Saturday February 21, when RMIT Gallery will be open from 7 pm to 7 am as part of White Night Melbourne. After that the media art exhibition will have a long tour around Australia. 






Happy New Year! RMIT Gallery has reopened for 2015 with Experimenta Recharge

visitor comments


RMIT Gallery has reopened after the Christmas break and is filled with relaxed tourists and locals enjoying the city sights. Our visitor book is brimming with lovely comments about our summer media exhibition Experimenta Recharge 6th International Biennial of Media Art. If you are in Melbourne, come on in – we are open every day except Sunday and until 7 pm on Wednesday nights – so come in a play around with the exhibits.


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