Ulm School of Design – A Peek Inside the Exhibition

Discover the methodology and legacy of Germany’s influential Ulm School of Design, responsible for Lufthansa corporate branding and other iconic mid twentieth century designs.  RMIT Gallery is showcasing works from the Ulm Archive from 1 August 1 -30  August 2014.

Lufthansa corporate identity_2

From 1953 until it closed in 1968 the Ulm School of Design in Germany was one of the world’s most important contemporary design academies. Regarded as being second only to the Bauhaus, the Ulm School’s successful work for Braun’s audio equipment and German airline Lufthansa reflected a design concept based on science and technology. This is still revered internationally as the ‘Ulm Model’ and has helped define what it means to be a professional industrial designer.

Check out this futuristic looking car created using the Ulm Method:  Car body-work \”autonova fam\”, 1965.

Car body-work

Attracted by the interdisciplinary aspects of the training program, students from around the globe flocked to study with founders and teachers such as Otl Aicher, Tomás Maldonado, Max Bill, Inge Aicher-Scholl, Max Bense, Hans Gugelot, and Gui Bonsiepe.

Max Bill and Tomás Maldonado

It was Tomás Maldonado (above, right, with Max Bill), a teacher and industrial designer, who shifted the focus at the Ulm School of Design away from its Bauhaus-based beginnings towards an approach that was felt to be appropriate to deal with the complexities of post-Second World War living.



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