Artist Lisa Roet – On Revelations, Animals and Sculpture


Artist Lisa Roet’s work challenges the viewer to consider their relationship to the non human animal; the animals around us, distant from us in zoos, in the ever shrinking wilderness, or within us, their very tissue and valves now used in surgery. We share the planet with animals and man share their bodies with the animal. Lisa Roet’s career has been spent interrogating this barrier, in highly public displays of her work.

As one of more than 25 artists whose work will feature in the upcoming RMIT Gallery exhibition Revelations: Works from the RMIT Collection (23 May to 12 July),  Lisa speaks to Evelyn Tsitas about the revelations of her own practice in The Melbourne Review.

Here are some more images from the unveiling of her large scale work at RMIT’s Bundoora campus.


Lisa Roet (centre) with RMIT Gallery exhibition coordinator Helen Rayment (right)

Sd and Lisa Roet Bundoora IMG_3968

Lisa Roet (right) with RMIT Gallery Director and Chair, RMIT Collection Advisory Committee Suzanne Davies


Lisa Roet says: “I see such an affinity with other primates and feel our connection as a biological whole, so it makes it easy to use the image of the ape as a metaphor or representative of what’s going on in the world around us. I like the way the image of the ape divides the viewer and confronts them with seeing aspects of themselves they may never have contemplated.”

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