Please touch the artworks…

A note from Joyaviva curator Kevin Murray about what you can do in the exhibition Joyaviva, despite normal rules about not touching the art works. We still want you to be involved!

1. Get tagged. Sarah Read’sThis Too Shall Pass is a series of tags attached to cards with images of the Christchurch earthquake. They have been lovingly stitched by members of the New Zealand jewellery community in solidarity with The National, a jewellery gallery which seeks to open again despite losing its building. For $10, you can take one of these cards away. It makes a touching gesture of encouragement, and in the process you can discover gold underneath. Remember, this week is the anniversary of the first Christchurch earthquake.

2. Find a fortune. As a reward for those to explore the exhibition deeply, there’s a message with information about how you can obtain a gold charm for yourself.

3. Arrange the flowers. Like in Facebook, this is how you “like” a work.

Beyond this, there’s been great interest by visitors in obtaining other charms on display. Go to the artist’s page on the website for details.


Above: Kevin Murray with contemporary jeweller Susan Cohn, who opened the Joyaviva exhibition.

(Opening night photos by Vicki Jones and installation images by Mark Ashkanasy)

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